Selfie stick regulation continues to tighten at theme parks

Selfie stick regulation continues to tighten at theme parks

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With the ever-growing popularity of selfie sticks, in particular at theme parks, the regulation of these devices are starting to show up throughout the parks.

Back in early April, Walt Disney World had to reinforce its policy to ensure the safety of their guests.  Which is the following policy:

“Guests riding attractions, trams and other moving vehicles are already asked to securely stow any equipment such as cameras, canes and other personal belongings — and selfie sticks are in the same category.”

While selfie sticks are still allowed in theme parks, new signs have begun to pop up in the parks, the above photo being outside Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at the Magic Kingdom.

Universal Orlando recently made metal detectors permanent at three of their major attractions, Hulk, Dragon Challenge and Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit.  This making it nearly impossible to bring a selfie stick or any loose articles on these three attractions.

With these continued regulations of selfie sticks, could we soon see a park-wide ban on them? Only time will tell.

What are your thoughts on selfie sticks?

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