Universals Studios Hollywood to get Raptor Encounter also?

New Raptor Encounter officially open at Islands of Adventure


Just over the Memorial Day weekend, Islands of Adventure opened a new experience in the Jurassic Park section that features some pretty sophisticated puppets of the dinosaur variety.

The new Raptor Encounter allows guests to have an up-close personal experience with a Velociraptor.  The new meet and greet is located in the old Triceratops Encounter area.

Well it looks like Universal Studios Hollywood is also gearing up for some sort of dinosaur involved meet and greet as well.

According to their official auditions page, they are looking for “Performers to portray realistic dinosaurs in a new interactive dinosaur meet and greet experience.”

What could this be?  It certainly seems with the new Jurassic World movie coming out, that Universal is pushing these new interactive dinosaur meet and greets to their parks.

Universal Studios Hollywood does have the Jurassic Park River Adventure attraction so it would fit in perfectly there.

Guess we will have to wait and hear more from Universal Studios Hollywood as to what this new “interactive dinosaur meet and greet experience” is.

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