A list of acceptable camera accessories at Walt Disney World after the selfie stick ban

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With the selfie stick ban going into effect tomorrow, we thought it would be nice to throw together of acceptable forms of camera accessories that are still allowed inside Disney parks.  There has been some confusion as to what will be allowed and what won’t be after this selfie stick ban goes into effect.

Here is a better breakdown of what is still allowed and what is not:

  • Monopods and Tripods are still acceptable as long as they fit inside a bag or backpack.  Large tripods are not allowed.
  • Monopods that extend are also still allowed

Grip and shoot handles are the closest thing to a selfie stick you’ll be able use at Walt Disney World after the selfie stick ban goes into efect

GoPro accessories have also been in question since this selfie stick ban has been announced.  GoPro head and body harnesses are still allowed, as are handles for GoPro’s that DO NOT extend, these are also known as a “Grip and Shoot” handle.  This also applies to smartphones.  A handle (as seen above) is still allowed, but cannot be extendable.

And selfie sticks are not allowed, obviously.

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