Interesting new Back to the Future ride concept rears its head and could be headed to Universal

Interesting new Back to the Future ride concept rears its head and could be headed to Universal 2



**UPDATE**  After further digging and research, this project has no involvement with Universal and is just a project designed by someone.  But hey, it it a cool idea nonetheless.  If this project did happen, it would be a shock.  But don’t get your hopes up.  It seems like this was just some fan-made concept.

In some rather interesting news today, a new ride concept has shown up via the folks over at Coaster Insanity.

The new ride concept features the return of Back to the Future and is a unique roller coaster experience unlike anything we have ever seen.

The ride would is reportedly being designed by Stengel Engineering and would feature fully enclosed trains resembling the iconic DeLorean time machine.  The trains would also be equipped with VR headsets resembling Doc Brown’s iconic sunglasses.


As for the ride itself, it will reportedly feature of course, a launch at 88 and will follow scenes from all 3 movies and follow Biff has he goes back in time to destroy the original time machine.

The big question is though is where could this ride go?  Well according to Coaster Insanity, the ride is in early stages of development, so no telling what the future holds for this concept and whether it will see the light of day at any Universal park. But with the way Universal has been building rides, who knows?

The original Back to the Future ride closed at both Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Florida back in 2007 and was replaced with Simpsons.  The attraction still operates at Universal Studios Japan.

Would you like to see Back to the Future return to Universal?

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