Male Bottlenose Dolphin dies at SeaWorld Orlando

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Photo via OrcaArtist

SeaWorld Orlando today announced that one of their dolphins passed away at the park today.

The male dolphin named Lagos appparently had no signs of illness when he turned ill late Sunday.  According to SeaWorld, the dolphin was not eating and died suddenly this morning.

Here is the statement SeaWorld posted on their Facebook page:

We are sad to report the death today of a male bottlenose dolphin, Lagos, at SeaWorld Orlando. Lagos exhibited no signs of injury or illness, and was eating normally up until yesterday. Late yesterday, Lagos showed reluctance to eat and died suddenly this morning. A necropsy will be performed, with results expected within eight weeks. Lagos was born at SeaWorld Orlando in 2007. The team that cared for Lagos mourns this loss, and we appreciate your support during this difficult time.

Lagos was born at SeaWorld Orlando in 2007.


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