New FAA permits filed for Skyplex Orlando seem to give FAA clearance

Giant Perkins announced for the Skyplex area on International Drive


Everyone has been anxiously awaiting for the new Skyplex to begin construction at the corner of Sand Lake and International Drive.

Some new permits have surfaced on the FAA site showing what seems to be the FAA giving the clearance needed for the construction to begin.  The permits were completed on May 27, 2015.

One part of the attached PDF files reads: “…the structure would have no substantial effect on safe… navigable airspace…  the structure would not be a hazard to air navigation provided…”

The structure is described as a “110′ diameter steel pipe columned with around 247′ diameter enclosure of metal roofing, metal wall panels, glass enclosures and spire.”  It is also interesting to note that the entire height of the structure is labeled as 700 feet tall.

So it looks like we finally have clearance from the FAA to build this thing.

You can view the permit in its entirety here.

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