Rescued Dolphin Now Swimming On Its Own, Still Receiving Around-the-Clock Support from SeaWorld Rescuers

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A 200-lb. rough-toothed dolphin who was found beached on the shoreline of Clearwater Beach this past Sunday is making minor progress, although still in critical condition at SeaWorld Orlando’s Animal Rescue facility. The dolphin is being cared for in a quarantined pool, where it is receiving fluids and antibiotics. Because he is very weak, multiple SeaWorld team members have been with him around-the-clock — continually monitoring his every breath and wading beside him to ensure he stays afloat.

Now, more than 72 hours later, the dolphin is beginning to eat and swim on his own. His caretakers, although still in the pool, now offer minimal guidance to help direct him. As test results come in over the next week or so, continued treatment and care will be provided to the animal. These tests will help the team understand the animal’s over-all health and see if there is any inflammation or infections.

He will continue receiving around-the-clock care during his treatment, with the ultimate goal to rehabilitate and return him to the wild.

Rough-toothed dolphins are typically found in deep waters and are known to live near Hawaii and the Northern Gulf of Mexico.

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