Shigeru Miyamoto from Nintendo working “closely” with Universal on Nintendo attractions

Shigeru Miyamoto from Nintendo working "closely" with Universal on Nintendo attractions


In a new article on CNBC, we get a little more details as to how Nintendo and Universal are working together on attractions based on Nintendo characters.

Universal and Nintendo announced earlier last month that they are partnering to bring Nintendo to life in Universal theme parks.  Specific details were not given as to where those attractions were going.

CNBC sat down with Mr. Miyamoto about how the process is coming along in designing Nintendo attractions for the Universal theme parks.

“We have all the knowledge of who the Mario character is, what the Mario world is and how it’s represented,” said Miyamoto. “We have been in constant communication with (Universal) communicating our vision to them, and they’re turning it into something that could exist within that park. It’s really about that partnership.”

If you are a fan of Nintendo, you know that they are very protective of their property and surely we can expect nothing but incredible attractions from this partnership.

“That’s the challenge put forth to Universal Studios,” said Miyamoto. “How do you take something digital and bring it into the real world in a way that people can experience it in real life? That’s where we’re working together.”

What kind of Nintendo attractions would you like to see come to life at Universal parks?  Mario Kart ride?  Star Fox simulator?

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