Two guys ride Jurassic Park at Universal Studios for 12 hours to promote Jurassic World

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Most people ride attractions at theme parks once, or maybe a couple of times when they are at a theme park.

This is not the case for Jake and David, as they rode Jurassic Park – The Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood for 12 hours straight to promote the new Jurassic World movie.

They were both given a “secret password” that allowed them to skip the line all day so they could get in as many rides as possible.

As they rode, they noticed little hidden things about the attraction, such as the sparking fence during the raptor section and they also started giving each dinosaur a name.

We figured the first two Ultrasaurus Dinosaurs you see were named Jerry (like Jurassic) and Maude,” Jake and Dave said. “They were a friendly Jewish couple that welcomed all to the park.”

“The raptor in the boat is of course named Walt, after he ate a child wearing a Disney hat. The two spitters right before you begin to crawl up we figured were twins. So there names were naturally Jim & Tim.”

“Last but not least, we had to throw in our personal touch, so Jake & Dave are the Velociraptors as you climb up before the drop.”

They ended up ranking in 60 rides over 12 hours creating a new “Jurassic Record.”

Would you be able to ride Jurassic Park 60 times in one day?

via BuzzFeed

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