Baron 1898 opens at Efteling as one of the most themed B&M coasters ever

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Baron 1898 is arguably one of the most themed B&M coasters ever built.  The coaster opened this week at Efteling in the Netherlands.

The B&M dive machine features elaborate theming of an old mine shaft.  Guests take the role as a Hooghmoed’s employees as they go through two pre-ride shows where guests are warned about the myth of the “Witte Wieven”.  From there guests head to board the train and experience other special effects including projection technology and animatronics.

The ride features several elements, including a 123 foot vertical drop into smoke, a Immelmann inversion, a zero-g roll and a helix before returning to the station.  The ride features a top speed of 56 mph.

Baron 1898 is the first B&M dive machine to not feature a turn between the top of the lift hill and the first drop.

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