Atlantic City Polercoaster gets closer to reality as lease is signed

New information about the Polercoaster coming to Florida


Joshua Wallack of Wallack Holdings has officially signed the lease for the 1-acre of land where Atlantic City’s first and only Polercoaster will be built.

The attraction will be located on part of the old Sands Atlantic City casino-hotel owned by Pinnacle Atlantic City.

There’s an expansion capability if we’re really successful on the same site, unless they either sell or lease the adjacent land.” Wallack said.

The Polercoaster would cost about $40 million and would be the second one in development, the other being in Orlando at the corner of Sand Lake and International Drive.

The plan is to build the Polercoaster first and then design the surrounding area.

The only thing that remains is receiving economic incentives from local and state authorities, such as sales tax rebates and other tax rebates.

Intamin was confirmed last month as the builder for the Orlando based Skyscraper complex, no word on who will be building the Atlantic City Polercoaster.

via Philadelphia Business Journal



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