Cedar Point 2016 Valravn coaster possibly leaked early via their virtual reality app

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It looks like Cedar Point may have let the cat out of the bag a wee bit early and gave away what they are announcing on August 18.

Several media outlets received cardboard virtual reality goggles in the mail with a link to download the VR app.  Once the app is opened and in a word “hacked” into, there are some pretty blatant hints as to what the big announcement will be.

Someone has already broken down the app and were able to retrieve images of the ride logo and layout.

The ride is indeed a B&M dive machine as rumored and also seems to have the name that was trademarked earlier this year, ValRavn.  It also looks like the ride will have a total of three inversions after closer inspection.  It will feature two immelman’s and a zero g roll/corkscrew type element.

Is this real or fake?  I guess we will find out for sure when Cedar Point makes the official announcement on August 18.

Head on over to TPR for the rest of the photos.

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