Plants vs. Zombies attraction coming to Carowinds?

Plants vs. Zombies attraction coming to Carowinds?


During the 2016 announcement earlier this week, Carowinds also teased another announcement coming in October.

The park played a teaser video with some interesting audio, including the “braiiins” audio from the Plants vs. Zombies game.  The video featured a brick wall with a plant and a circle with a line drawn through it.  The beginning of the video had the words “Get ready to soil your plants.”  Screamscape has the video and you can view it here.  Fast-forward to about the 4:30 mark.

For those of you that are not familiar with Plants vs. Zombies, it is a popular tower defense video game where you take plants and use them to defend them against your house from the impending zombie apocalypse.  The zombies shoot different items at the zombies, killing them.  You can visit the official website here. In its lifetime, the game has seen several sequels and spinoffs, only fueling the fact that a theme park attraction could be on the way.

What could it be?  It’s obviously something Plants vs. Zombies.  But what?  A coaster? A dark ride?  There has been much speculation that another Cedar Fair park would be getting some sort of dark ride, with Cedar Point being the leader.  Perhaps we could be seeing Carowinds getting the next dark ride after Knott’s Berry Farm.

Video game are slowly becoming more and more interesting to theme park developers as Universal announced earlier this year that they are bringing Nintendo into their parks over the next several years.  But could Carowinds beat them to the punch and have a Plants vs. Zombies ride coming?  We will have to wait until October to find out more.

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