Steve-O arrested for protesting SeaWorld atop giant crane in Hollywood

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Jackass star Stephen Glover, AKA Steve-O was arrested on Sunday after climbing a giant crane in Hollywood.

Steve-O was apparently climbing the giant crane to protest SeaWorld according to a photo he posted on Instagram (seen above) Saturday with an inflatable killer whale announcing a  “dangerous stunt.”

Steve-O got to the top of the crane and inflated the killer whale toy with the words”Seaworld Sucks” on it, and then he even set of fireworks from the top of the crane.

The crane was located at the construction site of 6000 West Selma Avenue in Hollywood.

After over an hour at the top of the crane, Steve-O climbed down and was arrested on suspicion of trespassing, setting off a firework without a permit, filming without a permit and conspiracy to commit a crime.

This is not the first time Steve-O has been in trouble for protesting SeaWorld.  He was cited last year for an incident on a highway where he altered a street sign.

Glover said his protest was in fact, due to Blackfish, surprisingly enough.

via ABC 7

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