Chanting at Walt Disney World has not been “banned”

Chanting at Walt Disney World has not been "banned"


wow-ban-hammerThere are several reports that Disney has officially “banned” chanting from their parks.  This comes from multiple reports of the cheerleader and tour groups that are often found throughout Disney parks.

The fact is, is that Disney has encouraged their cast members to deter and stop groups of people from causing a ruckus in the park.

So, while its not really a “ban” of the chanting and other stunts in the park, it’s more or less silently enforced in the park.

One of the reason that Disney wants to regulate the chanting going on in the parks, is so the managers and other cast members can hear emergency calls on the radios and other communication reasons.  Safety first!

Look at the cheerleading groups in the park.  That is not allowed via the contracts they sign. If they’re caught performing stunts in the park, they can be stripped of their title or whatever they’ve won.

Is this saying that stricter regulations couldn’t come down the pipe?  Not at all.  Look at the selfie stick disaster.  Disney tried regulating those at first, which did not work, so they banned them completely.

Now if it is truly banned, that will be a shock to me.  But I am highly doubting these circulating rumors that “chanting” is banned from Walt Disney World, because it has been regulated for a while.

If we hear more, we will bring it to you.

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