Skyscraper at Skyplex hits a snag with the Orange County Planning and Zoning Board

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The developers of the record-breaking Skyplex and Skyscraper roller coaster project met with the Orange County Planning and Zoning board today to discuss the project and its status.

The Orange County Planning and Zoning board mentioned that building the gigantic roller coaster structure could pose a lighting issue among other concerns along International Drive.  They also addressed the issue of height with Universal Orlando Resort, who is opposing the project and is being accused of being a “bully” by the Skyplex team.

“We will not be bullied by Universal Studios; we will not be bullied by Comcast,” said Wallack. “We will not be pushed around. They will not win. We will win.”

The board opposed the project in a 4-3 vote on Thursday.

If built, Skyscraper wound stand 700 feet tall and feature the worlds tallest roller coaster, shopping, dining and many other attractions, including a zipline and free-fall attraction.

The Orange County Commission has the final say in whether or not Joshua Wallack and the team behind Skyscraper and Skyplex get the go ahead, they will be doing a final vote on November 3.

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Quotes via Orlando Sentinel



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