Theme parks in Paris monitoring terror attacks

Theme parks in Paris monitoring terror attacks 3



**UPDATE 2**  Disneyland Paris has confirmed that they are closed for Saturday following the attacks in Paris overnight.  Bob Iger issed the below statement on the attacks in Paris:

“On behalf of all of our employees at Disneyland Paris and throughout France, our hearts go out to the innocent victims of this horrible terrorist attack. We along with the world, pray for the victims, their families and their friends — and for all affected by this horrific act.”

Bob Iger, chairman and CEO of The Walt Disney Company.

**UPDATE** A train service in France posted that train service to Disneyland will not be operating with the words and that the park will be closed on Saturday. (See above image.)  It translates to “the park is closed to the public following the attacks occurred in paris.”

Disney still has not issued an official statement on the state of the parks.  We will keep you posted.

As you’ve most likely heard, terror has struck Paris in a series of attacks on public locations, including bombings, shootings and hostage situations.

There were two reported suicide bombings during the Stade de France soccer game, which literally stopped the game in its tracks.

No official word has been issued by Disney on the state of Disneyland Paris and the surrounding resort after Friday’s attacks.

Disneyland Paris has never been permanently shut down.  The park was once the scene of an incident where there were reports of a shooter loose in the park.  The Sequoia Lodge Hotel at Disneyland Paris was briefly evacuated following the incident.

Walt Disney World closed its doors on 9/11 after the 9/11 attacks.

We will keep you posted if we hear anything in regards to Disneyland Paris closures.

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