Disney’s VertiGo robot is the thing nightmares are made of

Disney's VertiGo robot is the thing nightmares are made of

A new robot being developed by Disney Research Zurich, along with ETH, an engineering, science, technology, mathematics and management university, can climb walls, and is terrifying to watch.

The new robot is called VertiGo and is designed to climb walls utilizing fan propellers that keep it snug against walls

“Thrust is applied both towards the wall using the rear propeller, and in an upward direction using the front propeller, resulting in a flip onto the wall,” it says in a press release.

The robot is a prototype and Disney says that they have no plans on releasing one commercially.

As far as how it would work in a theme park? Disney says it has the “potential” to be used in entertainment such as providing visual effects.



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