SeaWorld files lawsuit against California Coastal Commission

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SeaWorld kept its promise and has filed a lawsuit against the California Coastal Commission decision that bans SeaWorld San Diego from breeding its killer whales.

Back in October, the CCC ruled that SeaWorld San Diego could indeed move forward with their Blue World Project if in fact they put a stop to all breeding at their San Diego park.

One part of the petition by SeaWorld read “This last-minute ‘no breeding or transfer’ condition is unprecedented, and it is plainly illegal for one very clear reason: the Coastal Commission’s jurisdiction — which is entirely defined and circumscribed by the Coastal Act — does not extend to the care, breeding or transport of the SeaWorld orcas because the orcas are not, in any way, part of the coastal or marine environment.”

SeaWorld CEO Joe Manby announced earlier this year that the “theatrical” killer whale shows will be discontinued at their San Diego park and replaced with a more educational segment, which will focus more on the whales natural behaviors.

SeaWorld also had three false advertising lawsuits thrown out just within the last week. The suits claimed that visitors to their San Diego, San Antonio and Orlando parks were under the assumption that the whales at the park were healthy and happy in captivity. The judge threw them out saying that the guests failed to prove what false advertising influenced them into purchasing SeaWorld tickets.

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