Walt Disney’s office restored to its original glory at Walt Disney Studios

Walt Disney's office restored to its original glory at Walt Disney Studios

Source: The Walt Disney Company

Walt’s original office located inside Walt Disney Studios in Anaheim has been meticulously recreated to every detail.

Some of the details recreated include the original furniture, miniatures, awards, and of course, his famous piano.

“We put this permanent exhibit together to serve as a source of inspiration,” said Iger during a dedication ceremony, “a reminder to have great ambition, to take bold creative risks, to constantly innovate and push the limits of possibility, to relentlessly pursue perfection, and to tell fantastic stories that touch peoples’ hearts. That was Walt Disney.”

Other areas of this new permanent exhibit will rotate featuring several of Walt’s biggest contributors, the first of which is Kem Weber.  Kem is the original architect who designed the Studio lot in Anaheim.

The new permanent exhibit will be open to Disney employees, cast members, and studio visitors.  In 2016, it will be added to the tour of the Studio lot and Archives that D23 Gold Members receive.

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