Florida area theme parks continue to increase security measures

Manhattan mom pays to hire disabled person to skip lines at Disney World



As theme parks continue to modify their security measures at their parks, the hiring of employees to man these new security checkpoints is being kicked into high gear.

Both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando are increasing their own security cast/team members to help staff these new security measures that are being implemented in their parks.

Metal detectors were installed at Disney back in December as an added security measure.  Not everyone has to pass through them, the screening is random.  The metal detectors were staffed by a 3rd party company.

Disney said it will begin the process with Animal Kingdom and expand to other parks throughout the year.

Metal detectors were not the only change Disney made back in December.  The park also made major changes to their costume policy and banned all toy gun sales within the resort.

Universal Orlando began with random wand screenings, then eventually installed permanent metal detectors at the entrance of its parking garages.  Universal also has metal detectors located at the entrances of many of their attractions as well. These are mainly for scanning guests for loose articles, which are not permitted on certain rides.

SeaWorld also has manned security stations with wands and randomly screens guests as well.

via Orlando Sentinel



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