PortAventura releases new details and website for Ferrari Land

PortAventura releases new details and website for Ferrari Land 1


PortAventure is prepparing to open their latest expansion at their park, Ferrarri Land.  This new area will feature several rides and attractions themed around the Ferrari brand.  The area will also feature  a new premium hotel with 250 rooms and 5 star service, restaurants.

The resort just announced that a new website has launched where guests visiting the park can plan their trip, buy tickets and virtually check out what the resort has to offer.


The new website features a dedicated section to the new Ferrari Land.  It also gives us some information on the stats of the highest roller coaster in Europe.  They are calling it a “vertical accelerator,” which is a Accelerator Coaster by Intamin, found here.

Here is a quote from the website:

“This vertical accelerator is an incredible experience for speed lovers: passengers experience the same sensations as in racing with an acceleration of 180 km/h (112 mph) in just 5 seconds, the equivalent of 1.35 G. They are immediately propelled 112 metres (368 feet) up in the air, and then plummet back down at a maximum inclination of 90°.”

The Ferrari Land section will also feature a drop tower which will shoot and drop guests almost 200 feet into the air, a race track, similar to go karts, where guests can drive mini Ferrari cars around a track, racing simulators, which could be built by Cruden, who built the Ferrari simulators in Abu Dhabi, found here.

The area will also feature iconic structures found throughout Italy, including the Colosseum and other Italian architecture.

Ferrari Land area will be opening in early 2017 with a completion date of late 2016.

Check out the newly updated website here.

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