SeaWorld making changes to their killer whale pools

SeaWorld announces 50th anniversary celebration 'Sea of Surprises' 2


SeaWorld will be dismantling the floors that can raise and lower in the killer whale tanks at all of their parks.

The park made the announcement on Monday that the movable floors will be dismantled and no longer be used.  The reason behind the removal is due to the success of their  in-water desensitization training, which has been going on for nearly 4 years.

The decision was also made after Cal/OSHA dismissed all citations related to SeaWorld’s orca safety and training program.

Work has already begun on removing the floors from the Orlando SeaWorld park, and other parks will soon follow.

The lift floors located in the medical pools, however, will not be affected.  They will still be in use.

Removing the floors will also provide more swimming space for the whales.  It will also increase the time the deep-water pool is available, by eliminating the need for maintenance and cleaning.

Read more over on the official SeaWorld blog.



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