A Cupcake ATM is coming to Disney Springs, and we couldn’t be happier

A Cupcake ATM is coming to Disney Springs, and we couldn't be happier

Who said ATM’s were just for taking out money?  A Beverly Hills-based company called Sprinkles is changing that and introducing a Cupcake ATM inside Disney Springs.

The company will be opening two stores in Florida, one in Tampa and one inside Disney Springs in Orlando.  The one in Disney Springs will be located in the new Town Center which is currently under construction and will open later this year.

The cupcake ATM’s are open 24/7 and restocked throughout the day.  And no need to worry about your precious cupcake being smashed, the machine uses a robotic arm to safely deliver your delicious cupcake.

For the health conscious, there will also be vegan, gluten free, doggie cupcakes and sugar free options inside the ATM as well.

Some of their flavor options include a carrot, chai latte, chocolate coconut and chocolate marshmallow cupcake, among others.

A single cupcake will run you about $4.25 each.  Credit or debit card only.

Check out the video above for an example of how the cupcake ATM works.

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via Orlando Sentinel



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