Cedar Point announces new coaster tour and closures during Winter Chill Out event

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Cedar Point held their annual Winter Chill Out event yesterday at the park which gives certain guests a behind the scenes look at the park during the off-season.

The park also made several announcements during the event as well, including the closure of three rides for the 2016 season. These rides include Skyscraper and Challenge Racing and of course, the Shoot the Rapids water ride attraction will be no more.

A new tour for coaster enthusiasts called The Sunrise Thrills Tour, will focus on the parks newest roller coaster, Valravn. The tour will feature give guests who purchase the tour a behind the scenes tour of the daily operations of a roller coaster, including the start-up procedures, ride safety, technical operations.  Guests will even have the chance to walk to the top of Valravn’s 223 foot lift hill.

Cedar Point also announced that Chick-Fil-A will be replaced with a new resturaunt called Frontier Inn.

Other improvements coming to the park for 2016 include a new paint job for Top Thrill Dragster and Raptor, new cars on the Dodgem ride and a new Coca-Cola Oasis beverage station near the front entrance of the park.

Which new improvement are you most looking forward to at Cedar Point in 2016?

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