RUMOR – Does Face Off teaser trailer show Skull Island: Reign of Kong vehicles?

Universal Orlando Resort announces "Skull Island - Reign of Kong" coming to Islands of Adventure 3

In an interesting discovery by @ZombieCT on Twitter, we may have had our first look at the Kong vehicles back in January.

Face Off aired a teaser trailer for their 10th season back in January that shows what looks like vehicles shown in the early concept artwork for Kong.

There was also a discovery by Orlando United that an upcoming episode of Face Off will feature Skull Island.  And with SyFy being owned by NBC, which is owned by Comcast, could we possibly see a sneak peek of the ride?  We will find out when that episode airs on March 30th on SyFy.


Watch the video above around the 7 second mark and you will catch a glimpse of the vehicle.  The image above is of an early Skull Island: Reign of Kong concept artwork piece that was released when the ride was announced for you to compare it to. Just remember when building a ride, things tend to change a lot from concept to actual product.

What do you think?  Did we have our first look at the Kong ride vehicles back in January?

This is all just speculation of course, until we hear more details from Universal.

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