SeaWorld San Antonio announces the passing of a Pacific white-sided dolphin

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Sad news out of SeaWorld as the park announced via their blog that a Pacific white-sided dolphin named Dart has passed away.

SeaWorld San Antonio was monitoring Dart for about a month with health-related issues and was under constant care by the SeaWorld team.

The exact cause of death is currently unknown.  A full necropsy will be performed on the dolphin to determine the exact cause of death.

Dart had two of his dolphin companions, Betty and Hailey with him when he passed away, as well as the SeaWorld staff that took care of him during his illness.

No one knows the exact lifespan of a Pacific white-sided dolphin, but it is believed to be around 36-40 years.

SeaWorld is also caring for one of Dart’s older companions, Betty, who is 37 years old, and is being monitored for inflammation or a possible infection

Read more over at the SeaWorld Cares blog here.

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