Shoot the Rapids ride getting removed from Cedar Point

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Several media outlets are reporting today that the Shoot the Rapids, a water ride at Cedar Point, is on the chopping block.

The ride made its debut back in 2010, but since then has been plagued with issues and even an accident in 2013 after a boat rolled back down the lift hill.

Cedar Point has not yet officially announced the rides removal, and could do so during the parks annual Winter Chill event where guests get a behind the scenes tour of the park during the off season.

Cedar Point will also be getting rid of the Chick-fil-A in the park as it has ended its partnership with the fast food restuarunt.

Some good news? Cedar Point will reportedly be adding park-wide WiFi in 2016 for all of their guests to enjoy, according to WKYC.

And of course, the park continues construction on their 2016 coaster, Valravn.

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