Rocky Mountain Construction gives us an update on Lightning Rod

Dollywood announces Lightning Rod, World's Fastest Wood Roller Coaster For 2016 2

Dollywood’s 2016 season kicked off this past weekend, but Lightning Rod, the parks new roller coaster for 2016, was not ready for guests.

Rocky Mountain Construction, the company responsible for the rides design and construction released a statement on their website in regards to the status of the thorough testing that is going on to ensure the ride is ready for guests.

“We take the highest level of pride in every attraction we create. RMC is equally disappointed that Lightning Rod will not be opening as originally planned. We have been working with the launch system subcontractor on-site to bring it up to speed and working as intended.”

The company also noted that “we cannot speculate as to when the attraction will open to the general public.”

Lightning Rod is Rocky Mountain’s first launched coaster ever and will experience speeds up to 73 mph and will have a maximum first drop of 165 feet.

We will keep you posted on the status of Lightning Rod at Dollywood.

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