SeaWorld Orlando announces a way to bring killer whales to the classroom


SeaWorld Orlando announced today a new fun and educational experience for classrooms across the country.  The park will be offering a live video call program – free for teachers, and will give the opportunity for students and teachers a Q&A session with actual SeaWorld trainers and of course, the whales.

he interactive sessions are led by trainers, poolside with the whales, and cover topics including: physiology, behavior and communication; positive reinforcement animal training techniques; scientific insights learned by studying orcas at SeaWorld that can help whales in the wild.

The park will utilize Google Hangouts and Skype to perform the broadcasts right into classrooms.

“We know students are fascinated by, and have questions about, marine mammals, especially whales. Video conferencing directly with our trainers, seeing the whales interacting up close and in real time, is a chance for them to learn about and engage with these animals in a way not possible through a textbook or movie, to get accurate information firsthand from animal experts,” said SeaWorld’s director of education Judy Jenkins.

Teachers interested in SeaWorld’s free live video call sessions can sign up at

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