Busch Gardens Tampa to celebrate Earth Day with Phone Recycling


In celebration of World Earth Day , Busch Gardens Tampa Bay is launching its cell phone recycling program that will benefit gorillas in the wild by reducing the need to mine for minerals used in electronic devices and therefore preserving their natural habitat.

Guests can donate recycled cell phones at the recycle receptacle at the entrance of Zagora Grill and will receive one kangaroo or lorikeet feeding voucher. Plus, guests can donate to the SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Conservation Fund by purchasing animal-created artwork at the Critter Creations table in front of the Nairobi Train Station.

Additionally, guests can participate in special animal interactions and Earth Day event-themed activities throughout the park, including Edge of Africa, Myombe Reserve, Penguin Pointe, Cheetah Run, Jungala, Conservation Cabin, and the Animal Care Center.

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