Dragon Ball, Death Note, and One Piece attractions coming to Universal Studios Japan


Universal Studios Japan is continuing its bizarre attractions with some new ones from the world’s of Dragon Ball, Death Note, and One Piece.

The psychological/supernatural thriller Death Note will be featured in an all-new attraction called Death Note The Escape. This attraction is going to based on the incredibly popular escape rooms where people have to solve riddles and puzzles to escape a room.


There will also be a live production based on the Japanese manga series One Piece, called One Piece Premier Show 2016.

Finally, there will be a new 4-D attraction coming to the park called Dragon Ball Z The Real 4-D, featuring lights, wind and water, all combined for what sounds to be like one epic Saiyan battle.

These attractions are scheduled to open on July 1 and will be open throughout the summer until the beginning of September.

Separate tickets are needed for the One Piece and Death Note attractions, the Dragon Ball Z attraction is included with regular theme park admission.

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via IT Media



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