Universal Orlando Resort bumps up annual pass prices


Earlier we posted on Facebook that the Power Pass saw an increase in price, that is not the only pass getting a price increase as Orlando Informer has confirmed that all passes got a price increase today.

The Florida Resident Power Pass saw a jump from $214.99 to $234,99, Preferred went from $299.99 to $309.99 and the Premier Pass went from $429.99 to $444.99.

For non-Florida residents the prices also went up.  The Power Pass went from $239.99 to $259.99, the Preferred Pass went from $334.99 to $344.99 and the Premier went from $479.99 to $494.99.

It was also mentioned that plastic passes are being considered by Universal Orlando to make a return, which goes with the image that surfaced on the Universal Orlando passholder login screen a while back that we originally reported on back in March.

Would you like to see the return of plastic passes?

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