Could this Starbreeze and Acer VR headset be the future of theme parks?


StarVR Headset (Photo : Twitter)

Starbreeze and Acer recently announced a partnership in which will bring a high-end VR headset to the market called the StarVR Headset.  The company is hoping that this new headset will appeal to theme park developers in the ever-growing area of VR attractions inside theme parks.

The headset features a wide field of vision with a  210-degree field of view, which is almost twice as wide as the field of view found on typical everyday headsets like the Oculus and the Samsung Gear VR.  It also features a 5120×1440 resolution with  dual 5.5-inch displays.

Both companies announced that the StarVR will be built for “professional applications.”  This mainly due to the fact that the StarVR headset will cost a lot more than traditional VR headsets.

Theme parks are slowly but surely beginning to expand into the VR world with such recent additions as Six Flags New Revolution VR roller coaster and Alton Towers Galactica roller coaster, both which involve the riders strapping on VR headsets while riding the roller coaster.

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