Mako soft opens for the first time at SeaWorld Orlando

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Today was a lucky day for guests at SeaWorld Orlando as they were some of the first regular guests to ride Mako at the park.

SeaWorld opened Mako temporarily today for the first “soft opening” or “technical rehearsal” as some call it.  The park opened the ride with a ticket-invite system where guests got a ticket to ride at the entrance of the attraction.

The ride opened twice throughout the day for about an hour or so each time.

Initial reviews of the coaster are fairly positive with many mentioning that the coaster surely delivers on what it was designed for, airtime! The only negative thing we heard on social media is the trim brake before the second airtime hill drastically slows down the train.  Other than that, it looks like Mako is going to be a hit at SeaWorld Orlando!

When a park is going through a soft opening for an attraction, there is no set schedule, so don’t plan your day around it.  Instead, be at SeaWorld Orlando when Mako opens to the public on June 10th!

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