DETAILS: Volcano Bay opening in June 2017 and Sapphire Falls opening date announced



We’ve added even more information on the attractions coming to Volcano Bay at the bottom of the article

Correction on the earlier report that tickets go on sale in June was incorrect, Universal announced that the park will be open by June.

New info was just released at the U.S. Travel Association’s IPW convention about when guests can purchase tickets for Universal Orlando’s newest water park, Volcano Bay.

Tickets are set to go on sale in June 2017 according to the Orlando Sentinel.  Other details released include 18 attractions and a hint that Universal will be utilizing a new system to reduce waiting time for the attractions within the park.

It was also announced at the convention that Universal Orlando’s newest hotel, Sapphire Falls, will be opening July 14.

Stay tuned after the break for details about the attractions coming to Volcano Bay at Universal Orlando Resort!

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Volcano Bay will be home to a variety of slides and flumes, including one “secret attraction” that Universal has not yet spilled the beans on.  The area received its inspiration from Easter Island, Hawaii, New Zealand and more

So, let’s breakdown each section of the park shall we?

Krakatau: This is the name of the centerpiece volcano that towers over the park.  There are going to be a variety of slides within the volcano itself.  They are:

  • Ko’okiri Body Plunge: A racing, 70-degree drop that will plummet 125-feet through the center of Krakatau. It will be the world’s first slide to travel through a pool filled with guests.
  • Kala and Ta Nui Serpentine Body Slides: Two intertwining slides where you’ll fall freely along 124 twisting feet.
  • Punga Racers: A high-speed race through four different enclosed slides featuring manta-shaped mats.
  • The final attraction is the secret one we mentioned above that Universal is not quite ready to talk about, yet.

Wave Village: This is the area that is located at the base of the volcano and will feature more relaxing environments.  They are:

  • Waturi Beach: A sparkling, multi-directional wave pool where you can swim, relax on the sand or indulge in private, one- or two-story cabanas.
  • The Reef: An adjacent leisure pool with calmer waters and exciting views of riders speeding through the Ko’okiri Body Plunge.

River Village:

  • Kopiko Wai Winding River: A gentle, winding river that passes through the volcano’s hidden caves, featuring spontaneous water effects and a journey through the cave of starlight.
  • Tot Tiki Reef: A whimsical toddler play area with spraying Maori fountains, slides and a kid-size volcano.
  • Runamukka Reef: A three-story water playground inspired by the coral reef overflowing with twisting slides, sprinklers and more.
  • Honu: An adventurous, multi-passenger raft ride that will soar across a dual wall.
  • Ika Moana: A twisting, multi-passenger raft ride that will glide across bubbling geysers.

Rainforest Village:  This area is another area for the thrill seekers featuring a variety of slides and flumes.  There is even a place to relax after all of the intense tubing!  They include:

  • Maku: North America’s first “saucer ride”, sending multi-passenger rafts speeding around three saucer-shaped curves.
  • Puihi: A breath-taking multi-passenger raft ride that will plunge you into darkness before bursting into a funnel and launching into a zero-gravity drop.
  • Ohyah and Ohno Drop Slides: Two twisting, adrenaline-pumping slides that launch you four- or six-feet above the water at the end.
  • TeAwa The Fearless River: An action-packed, racing torrent river where you’ll have to hang tight in your inner tube amidst roaring, whitewater rapids.
  • Taniwha Tubes: Four unique Easter Island-inspired slides with rafts for single or double riders.
  • Puka Uli Lagoon: A tranquil pool where you can swim and relax.





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