Movie Park Germany announces new Star Trek roller coaster

Movie Park Germany announced today that they will be getting a Star Trek launched roller coaster, the first coaster overseas dedicated to Star Trek.  The only other Star Trek roller coaster to exist was the Borg Assimilator, which was located at Carowinds which was then renamed to Nighthawk after Carowinds purged the park of Paramount names.

The coaster will be the parks second-highest attraction in the park, second only to a 200-foot drop tower called The High Fall, and will literally be built in the same country, by German manufacturer Mack Rides.

“We are excited and proud that we obtained the Star Trek licence from CBS Consumer Products in the US,” said general manager, Thorsten Backhaus. “Through this we are redefining the benchmark for Germany’s largest film and amusement park.

The coaster will be located at the very front of the park and will open just in time for the parks 20th anniversary next year.

Check out the time-lapse construction video above and check out the progress that has already been made on construction.

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