Two-week old orphaned baby male manatee being cared for at SeaWorld Orlando


The SeaWorld Orlando Rescue Team is currently caring for an approximately two-week old baby male manatee that was found abandoned last week in the Halifax River off the east coast of Florida.

The orphaned calf was spotted on Wednesday, July 20 and transported to SeaWorld Orlando’s Rescue facility by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

The calf still had its umbilical cord attached, weighed 58lbs and was 115cm long upon arrival to the park. SeaWorld’s expert veterinary team began round-the-clock care, including tube feeding every three hours, daily check-ups and monitored care 24/7. The Animal Care Team is also working closely with the calf to acclimate him to bottle feeding, which mimics nursing from its mother. The calf is currently doing well and showing signs of improvement.

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