Christmas coming to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Japan


According to Universal Studios Japan’s Twitter feed, the park will be holding a special event for Christmas this year inside Hogsmeade.

The park posted the above photo on their Twitter page with a link to an information page which we tried to translate below.  One thing we can translate are the dates, November 18 РJanuary 9.

Here is a rough draft of the description:

The magic world, there is a face to show just now. Hogsmeadw village is more shining season, Christmas has come! The village is decorated in each of the shops of the wizarding world unique which was decorated with elaborate tastes lease or ornament. Red and green Christmas decorations shine in the snow piles up, the slightly leaking warm light and open space from the magnificent Hogwarts TH Castle, magic Christmas tree with the motif of a tree that was met in the movie! In magic, scenery of candles or lit the light, move the ornament … only here, now only of the magic world, a special another world who wanted to see the most is, will spread to as far as the eye can see the end of October, information update schedule.

Simply put, Christmas is coming to Hogsmeade.

You can check out the official website here.

The park will also be holding a special Halloween event this year that will feature trick or treating and Death Eaters.

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