SeaWorld Orlando extends Electric Ocean on select nights through Sept. 3

UPDATE:SeaWorld Orlando has extended the Electric Ocean event
to select nights through Sept. 3 after it ends daily on Aug. 5.

SeaWorld has announced a new show for the Nautilus Theater and a brand new nighttime celebration Electric Ocean opening this summer.

POP is a brand new show going into the Nautilus Theater.

“World-renowned bubble masters present the wonder of the natural world with his amazing bubble artistry. Watch them recreate colorful sea vents and other ocean brilliance at our Bubble Show”

Electric Ocean is a brand new nighttime celebration.

“Surf beyond your expectations as the sea comes alive at night and dive into Electric Ocean, SeaWorld’s all-new summer nighttime celebration.  Electric Ocean is an outrageous festival of lights, music, and life that’s as vibrant as the sea itself. Give yourself permission to voyage into exotic underwater worlds that come alive as the sun sets with brilliant energy, electrifying dance music, and dazzling light.  Join live performers inspired by playful sea creatures at the party along the shore where world-class DJ’s transform the night into an all-ages club beneath the waves. Dance along to Shamu’s Celebration: Light Up The Night and then surf the wave to a whole new level with a fireworks and fountains spectacular that brings the brilliant colors of the sea to the skies above the park.”

The new show POP debuts May 26, 2017 and Electric Ocean will run nightly June 17 through August 5th, 2017.

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