Mark Hamill surprises guests on Star Tours at Disneyland

Mark Hamill surprises guests aboard Disneyland's Star Tours attraction

Star Tours at Disneyland is one of the original Star Wars attractions at a Disney theme park, and what better way to ride a classic attraction than with a surprise appearance by one of the original Star Wars cast members.

Mark Hamill surprised a handful of lucky guests before they blasted off into space on Star Tours at Disneyland yesterday. The Star Tours Cast Member went slightly off script mentioning ” “Actually, you know what, the captain did mention something about a special passenger.” Once aboard the StarSpeeder 1000, Hamill jokingly asks “Wait a minute, there’s no Star Wars fans here, right?”

I think the best reaction is the kid right in front of the camera with the pin lanyard around his neck.

Check out the video above and see it for yourself.

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