The Simpsons Won’t Be Leaving The Couch And Will Remain With Fox

Don’t worry fellow citizens of Springfield, you’re favorite family on the couch are not going anywhere.

One of 21st Century Fox’s largest franchises is most notably The Simpsons. The show has been on the air for more than three decades and will be approaching its 30th Season under the Fox banner this coming Fall on September 30th. While there has been talks of conversations going on discussing whether The Simpsons will become Disney or Fox characters, with some new details, it seems that its more than guaranteed that they will be sticking with Fox.

At the Television Critics Association summer press tour, Fox CEOs Dana Walden and Gary Newman explained the current status of The Simpsons and what it meant for the network and the future plans by Matt Groening’s creation-

“SIMPSONS is so much a part of the brand. There’s been such an incredible halo effect of that show and the other animated series that are on our Sunday night. There are no plans for them to go anywhere other than FOX.” Walden said.

“We have a couple years of episodes already in progress on THE SIMPSONS. So down the line, what kind of decision is made I can’t really speak to.” Walden stated. “But for the foreseeable future, there’s so much upside and benefit to having a great Emmy Award winning, smart, provocative, quality show, that there’s no consideration of not ordering more SIMPSONS.”

Springfield expansion officially open at Universal Studios Florida

It’s unclear right now for the theme parks at Universal Parks & Resorts with The Simpsons. Despite of the merger being an almost done deal by Disney and Fox, it’s unclear how Universal will continue to use the rights of the franchise inside of their parks.

The deal between both companies is expected to be completed by the first half of 2019 and while Disney will have control of the franchise, Fox will still retain the ownership of the rights towards Fox. Fox will still have full ownership of their networks such as; The Fox Network, Fox News, Fox Business and their sports channels of Fox Sports 1 and Fox Sports 2.  Variety  initially reported Disney’s selling off Fox’s Regional Sports Network was approved under the U.S. Justice Department.

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