Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland continues to grow this year

Halloween Haunt at Canada's Wonderland continues to grow this year


Canada’s Wonderland Halloween Haunt is shaping up to be one of the bigger haunt events at a Cedar Fair park this year.  As it stands right now, they have 10 mazes and 4 scarezones for guests to experience this year.  An all-new show called Mysterion the Mind Reader has also been added to the Halloween Haunt lineup this year as well.

Stay tuned after the break as we break down what is new, and what is returning to Halloween Haunt this year at Canada’s Wonderland.

Here is what is new for 2013:

New: The Sci-Fi House 

The Wilson family lives in a perfect home on a quiet cul-de-sac; or so they think. Every night when the neighbourhood street lights turn on, the Wilson home goes to a deadly dark place. Deranged aliens and venomous creatures inflict bloody torture on any house guest.

Run, don’t walk from Sci-Fi House.

New: The Ruins 

In early 19th century, archeologist Dr. Carver led his team into ancient ruins on what turned out to be a deadly mission. Evidence of massacre and evil creatures lurking in the shadows is all that waits for new victims.

Trek into Wonder Mountain and travel along the once taken bloodied path and hope to get out alive.

Wait, inside Wonder Mountain? Now that’s gonna be interesting, but I guess with the recent rumors about a new ride going in and possibly Thunder Run coming out would make this a pretty sweet location right about now. Toss that in with the fact that there used to be a walk through attraction in there and you’re pretty much set. Definitely going to be curious how they pull this one off around everything else….

New: Louisiana Scream 

Deep inside Wonder Mountain reside the residents of a Louisiana bayou. They have long been warned not to venture too far from the water’s edge. Beyond the opulent river mansions is a mysterious, twisted world where curses are whispered in the dark and no one ever makes it back to shore. Those who go too far are soon driven mad with fear and bloodlust so be cautious – there’s no telling what you could wake in the Bayou.

Here is what is returning from previous Halloween Haunt events:

Returning; Carnevil

Mayhem takes over the streets where the freak show is the main event and clowns crave your undying attention.

Returning: Ghostly Pines

The villagers who once peacefully inhabited the forest are dead and now live among the pines terrorizing any mortal who dares to enter these woods.

Returning: Steampunk

The neo-Victorian steampunk movement is rising and the war is now on the Rebel’s doorstep. No one is safe as the Rebels take up arms and fight for their freedom.

Returning: Toys

Killer toys come to life looking for anyone who dares to be their playmate.

So there it is.  No word on if that is it, or more will be announced, but it looks like Halloween Haunt at Canada’s Wonderland is shaping up to be quite an event this year.

For more information, you can head on over to their official Haunt page here.

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