Six Flags over Texas employee showed concern over restraint in fatal incident

Texas Giant at Six Flags over Texas to re-open this weekend after fatal incident


A Six Flags employee told police that she was concerned about the restraint of a lady that got killed in an incident on the Texas Giant earlier this summer.  She said that the restraint was “a little high, or not as tight as it should be.”  She then went to the rides control panel to ensure that the restraint was locked, and then the train was dispatched.

“The Texas Giant re-opened in September after external and internal experts determined the coaster was safe to ride and that the accident was not caused by any mechanical failure,” park president Steve Martindale said in an email.

What I find REALLY amusing is that if you watch the video at the bottom of this article, it says that the restraints were “spontaneously” opening up on the coaster, when CLEARLY you can hear the ride operator saying in the video “Car 3 has been unlocked, cars 3 and 4 are now locked; please recheck car 3 and car 4,” which clearly states that the restraints were unlocked via the rides control panel by the ride operator.

Silly news station.




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