Jazzland to make a return at the old Six Flags New Orleans site


Could we finally be seeing something done with the old Six Flags New Orleans site?   A Baton Rouge based company has submitted plans to bring the park back to its original glory, Jazzland.  The park was called Jazzland back when it first opened back in the early 2000’s, only later to be purchased by Six Flags and being renamed Six Flags New Orleans.  After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the park was never reopened has has remained closed and neglected ever since.  Some of the rides have been sold to other parks, but some are still sitting there to this day since the park closed.

The first part of the expansion would cost $50 million and would feature the reopening of the theme park with an added waterpark, a film backlot and Backlot Shoppes, which would be a multi-use venue.

To show your support, head on over to the official Jazzland Facebook here and give them a like.  You can view the submitted plans here as well to view all of the details.



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