Bosque Magico to get Mexico’s first magnetic launched coaster from Premier Rides


Premier Rides has been selected by Bosque Magico Coca Cola to design and build the iconic attraction as part of the park’s 20th anniversary celebration in 2015. The “Zombie Coaster” will be the first high-tech, magnetically-launched roller coaster in Mexico and will feature the highest inversion in Latin America.

Julián Villarreal, Director of Operations of Bosque Mágico Coca Cola commented, “We selected Premier Rides because we wanted to make a major statement that we were going to open an attraction unlike any other in Mexico. Premier Rides has built some of the most thrilling high tech rides in the world for parks like Universal Studios and we wanted to give our guests that same high level of quality and thrills.”

Not only will the ride be the country’s first magnetic launch coaster capable of propelling riders forwards and backwards multiple times by Premier’s award-winning magnetic system, but it will also feature an incredible layout that includes both 90-degree vertical twists as well as the highest inversion in all of Latin America. Another first in Mexico, the coaster will use an innovative, high-speed station switch system and multiple trains that are capable of multi-directional movement. This, combined with speeds of up to 100 Km/h, is sure to deliver an unforgettable ride experience.

Opened in the 1995, Bosque Mágico Coca Cola is at the heart of northern Mexico’s largest city, Monterrey. Guests can enjoy a variety of rides, museums, haunted houses, slides, racetracks, antique car rides, shows, video games, simulators and more.




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