London Rocks at Busch Gardens Williamsburg Review

Busch Gardens Williamsburg sets opening date for 'London Rocks'

IMG_9326 Upon entering Busch Gardens Williamsburg regular guests can tell something is going on. British flags hang over the sidewalks, 60’s British Rock has replaced the classical music that played over the speakers, and the Globe Theater once a white stucco building is now a multi-colored building with a double decker bus parked in front of it. IMG_9349 Combining music and animation Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s new show London Rocks is an amazing show. Combining “Monty Python-esque” inspired animation in the pre-show, “London Rocks” took five years to create, and involved a complete remodeling of the Globe Theater making it a multi-purpose facility with the addition of a light and sound system. The show has hundreds of hours of animation that is set to have layers of detail to ensure even frequent visitors to the park will see something new each time they see the show. The show has two full casts and crews allowing London Rocks to be performed eight times a day. IMG_9366London Rocks is special and important because it celebrates live entertainment with emotion, and unique and engaging. It is the most show the company has created and may possibly be a benchmark in live entertainment in the theme park industry. IMG_9418As the show starts the main female performer emerges from the animation starting a 27-minute long journey through not only British rock and roll, but also the characters lives entwined with the music allowing the British invasion to show growth and love through generations. The lyrics of the songs tell the story of young love and how it blossoms. The first scene introduces Lucy, and the music of the British Invasion. Scene two introduces Guy and more of the music people fall in love with, ending with the wedding in scene three. Scene four shows the expression of frustration and moments of rebellion in the music and Lucy and Guys kids, and the final scene bring everyone together in a deep profound way. IMG_9466 As a season pass holder that grew up going to Busch Gardens, I honestly have to say London Rocks is the best show I have ever seen at Busch Gardens. It is also the first show at the park in several years that I have looked forward to seeing multiple times in the future. I encourage all visitors of Busch Gardens to go see this fun, unique show. We will have all of the photos and video uploaded soon.  So check back!



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