Carowinds 2015 coaster plans reveal similar layout to Leviathan at Canada’s Wonderland

Cedar Fair announces plans to pump $50 million into Carowinds over the next three years 2


Screamscape has uncovered some interesting blueprints regarding Carowinds 2015 coaster which is rumored to be a B&M giga coaster standing a little over 300 feet tall.  The photo above was photoshopped by Screamscape showing the approximate location of the coaster.  The ride will be similar to its sister coaster at Canada’s Wonderland, Leviathan.  The only difference are a few twist and turns and the helix portion at the end of the ride before the final brake run.

Hopefully we will get some official details soon from Carowinds on this new coaster.

Keep it locked here for more details as they are announced.



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