Cedar Point announces that Mantis is getting “squashed” on October 19

Cedar Point announces that Mantis is getting "squashed" on October 19

Everyone knew Cedar Point was going to announce something today at noon.  And that something was that Mantis will be getting “squashed” on October 19.  Cedar Point broke the news on their YouTube page earlier today with a video called ‘Darkness Falls On #12.’

What could this possibly mean for Mantis?  Well many have speculated that Mantis will not be completely torn down, rather will receive a makeover with a new paint scheme and will be converted to a B&M floorless coaster.  The rumors have also been circling about a coaster getting a makeover ever since Cedar Point placed a bet that if Lebron James returned to Ohio, they would rename a coaster in his honor.

Not much else is known at this point about the fate of Mantis, but the bug will be squashed on October 19, so if you have a soft spot for stand-up roller coasters, get on up to The Point and ride Mantis.

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