Cedar Point releases details about the last day of Mantis

Cedar Point releases details about the last day of Mantis 2


Mantis will be closing at Cedar Point on Sunday, October 19 to begin the transformation to Rougarou.  Cedar Point announced that Mantis will be transformed into a floorless coaster called Rougarou, a European version of the werwolf.

On October 19, guests will have the opportunity to ride the final trains aboard Mantis.  All guests who ride Mantis on October 19 will receive a commemorative pin (pictured at the top of the article).


Throughout the day, certain Cedar Point employees will be wearing a lanyard around their neck, like the one pictured above.  If you are at the park on October 19 and see an employee wearing this lanyard, walk up and say the words “I’d like to take the last stand on Mantis.”  If you are one of the lucky ones, you will be give access to one of the final rides on Mantis that night.  There will be a total of two trains, or 64 riders that will receive the following:

  • A complimentary group photo, taken on the platform, complete with commemorative printing
  • A Mantis prize pack, including Mantis merchandise
  • Bragging rights as the last guests to stand up

Will you be at Cedar Point on October 19 as Cedar Point bids farewell to Mantis?

via Cedar Point Blog



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